Local Guides Lowdown

Local insight. It’s what our community asks for, perspective from people who truly know the soul of every holiday destination we feature. Other websites have great photos and tourist basics – we want something unique – your insight.

So if you feel you know a city or destination pretty well – maybe you live there, or you’ve travelled there before – why not answer a few questions and possibly feature as an Every Daydream local guide! Click here to get started.


Do I have to be a good writer / photographer?

Not at all. We will take the information you suggest, and work with our professionals to create the day. Maybe they won’t have much to do, but they’re more than happy to take your short suggestions and elaborate.

How does a city or destination get selected?

The Every Daydream itinerary is designed with reality in mind – nobody can ski Aspen one day, and climb Mt Everest the next. That means our team are always planning our travels in advance. One key thing we look for in a city is a special angle – sure, we’ve been to the Trevi Fountain and the Empire State Building, but it’s much more interesting to head for the Harbin Snow Sculpture Festival, or the best grits in the South.

And when we have some destinations in mind, we often look for other, nearby locations than can be overlooked. So the Superbowl in New Orleans can be combined with a drive to Graceland, or a trip to the Houston Space Centre.

You are welcome to submit guides for multiple locations – especially if they are near each other.

How are guides selected?

Once we have a city, we decide what the day will bring based primarily on any information guides have sent in, plus a little of our internal research.

If more than one person volunteers as a guide for the same city, then we can combine the plans (where they overlap a lot) or add an extra day. If you’ve asked to be notified, we’ll let you know in advance that we are heading your way – and maybe ask a few more questions if we have any.

Do I actually have to guide people?

You get all the benefits of being an amazing local guide online, without actually having to head outside! Of course, it helps if you’ve actually taken yourself or your friends on the journey you’re writing about, so you know it can realistically be done.

Can you link to my website or travel site profile?

Absolutely! Being one of our local guides is a great way to raise your profile – whether you’ve got your own travel blog, are a destination expert on sites like TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet, or want to share your photos on sites like Flickr or Pinterest.

Just let us know (it’s one of the optional questions) which site or sites you’d like us to link to – it’s one small way we can say thank you.

Can I promote my friend’s restaurant / band / souvenir shop etc?

Sure! These are the real local insights that our readers love. Everyone who goes to Venice knows they can pay €10 for a coffee in St Mark’s Square – it’s being told about the tiny coffee shop with the awesome muffins in Venice Beach that makes a vacation special.

If it’s your business, that’s fine too. Just please let us know when you tell us, so we can be honest with our readers.

What we don’t allow is our local guides receiving any payment to recommend a place. Make the same suggestions you would if a friend came to visit you, not because you’ve been paid to mention them on a website.

You’ve already been to my city, does that mean you’ll never come back?

No way! We plan to keep travelling, and no quick trip can ever do a city justice. Especially if you feel we missed something the first time, volunteering as a local guide is a great way to make sure we come back soon.

Great! Where do I start?

That’s an easy question! Click here to get started as an Every Daydream holiday local guide.

And contact us if you have any questions that we haven’t answered here.