Local insight. It’s what our community asks for, perspective from people who truly know the soul of every holiday destination we feature. Other websites have great photos and tourist basics – we want something unique – your insight.

So if you feel you know a city or destination pretty well – maybe you live there, or you’ve travelled there before – why not answer a few questions below and possibly feature as an Every Daydream local guide!

Local Guides

“La Sonrisa”, a photo by proimos, licensed under Creative Commons.

Nervous or a Natural?

If you had a friend visiting you for one or two days, and they wanted you to “show them around” – what would you do? Would you get nervous and think, what am I going to do with them?

Or would you be so excited because you can’t wait to show them your home?

Maybe you’re the vacation expert in your friendship group – the person who is always asked for tips to all those destinations you’ve visited (and re-visited).

If you’re the sort of person who can’t wait to take friends to that brand new deli that you’ve discovered, or encourage them to catch a river ferry to get to a secluded native park that only you know about, or enjoy cocktails and watch the sun set over the beach from your favourite outdoor bar – then you’re exactly the sort of person we would love to hear from.

Want us to visit your home city? Think you can give us the local guide to some amazing destinations?

Just answer a few questions below, and you could be featured as an Every Daydream Local Guide in an upcoming daily destination!

You can be as brief or elaborate as you want, and don’t worry – we’ll have our professional writers work with your information. (More questions? FAQs are here!)