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Are there plans for car rentals?

Most of the bucket-lists include having a rented Lamborghini in Dubai and cruise the dessert in style. And all you need are few necessary items like international driving license, entry stamp on visa, credit card on your own name. But, did you know there are certain plans designed especially for different types of people.

Yes, before getting a luxury rent a car dubai like Lamborghini, first be sure to check the price and the plans from different car dealers. There are hundreds of car dealers all over Dubai, to choose the best, compare between them. Look for their reviews on review pages, and check the rating. Compare the prices, it is the most important step, as some dealers charge way more than other. Now, looking at the plans. There are different plans that decides the price of rental car.
1. Pay by minute- If the dealer is charging 0.5 per minute, then it is 30$ per hour. But these charges do include all the extra taxes too.
2. Hourly rates- As understood, the rates are determined by the hour package, like 1- hour package or 3-hour or 5-hour. It varies from dealers and people.
3. Pay per km- It is a rate charged as per the kilometer. This price gets determined by the distance travelled on a rental car.
4. Daily or two-day rental- Popularly known for spending a weekend with exotic cars rented in Dubai. This is common and be affordable to take away for a night or two.
5. Long term rental- It could be for days, months or years. The car dealers have different rates for the long term plans.
6. Corporate or office- Well, they are mostly sponsored by the companies and are on different price chart than regular plans