“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

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Meet our Team

Chris near River Cottage

Chris, about to set off on a hike through River Cottage country in the United Kingdom.

Chris @kerno_

Chris once spent an hour and a half crouching in front of a lavender bush, waiting for a bee to land so he could capture the perfect photo. Thankfully for us, it eventually did (or he would still be there, waiting) – though he’s only 85% happy with the picture.

Happily eating and photographing his way across most of Europe for the last two years, he wants to share his love of art, cuisine, and green wood-working (we don’t know what this is, either) with the world. All the world really wants is the recipe for his lavender panna cotta with thyme honey glaze.

Chris’s favourite destination is Iceland.


Founder Jacob Aldridge

Jacob in front of the Gullfoss Waterfall,

Jacob @jacobaldridge

Jacob Aldridge calls himself a citizen of the world, a relaxed traveller often mistaken for a local. He’s been known to write on subjects as broad as business, humour, travel and history, once combining them all into a blog post on how his weekend in Belgium represented a Euro-zone return on investment from the 1924 Antwerp Olympics.

He once held the Guinness World Record for non-stop movie watching, has appeared on Australian television, and been featured in more than a dozen short films.

Jacob’s favourite destination is Lake Como, Italy.


Mirror Man, California

The Glass Menagerie, photo by SiLver sKY in Los Angeles, USA
Licensed under Creative Commons


In 2006, Time Magazine voted You (yes, you) their ‘Person of the Year‘, and for good reason – you control the information age. At everydaydream holiday we want to harness the power of you, and the millions of locals like you who have a passion for life, experience, and travel.

We know you’re amazing. We’re working on ways to make you our local on the ground, wherever it is that you live or travel. So please join us and be a vocal member of our community – we’ll be sharing some specific ways to be involved very soon.

Your favourite destination is Planet Earth. And you know the perfect place to grab a coffee for the journey.


Our Values

everydaydream holiday is a company and a community. To demonstrate what we stand for in the travel industry, we have selected 3 core values. (If you’ve ever stayed in a central american hostel, you might recognise that these are the 3 values of playing hackysack.)

  1. Always remember that we’re playing the game together, not winning or losing as individuals
  2. If you’re making an effort, you don’t have to say sorry for mistakes
  3. Have fun, or play something different

Values, like advice to boil water in south-east asia, must be more than words on a website. They need to be reflected in action. If you ever see us behaving in a way to betrays those values, we want you to bring it to our attention.