by Jacob Aldridge and Chris K ,

Dear everydaydreamers –

We write to you with some sadness to announce that EveryDayDream Holiday will be ceasing our mission to send you amazing travel experiences, five days a week.

Our decision is to go on hiatus, not to definitively end our plans – our website, 70 daily destinations, and about 80,000 words of entertainment will all stay live. And if we do reintroduce our daily emails, you will be the first to know.

In addition to sadness, this decision has been made with some excitement and relief. We felt – and your amazing feedback supported our thoughts – that we were crafting high-quality travel entertainment. Unfortunately, that day-to-day creation requires too much of our focus. Our beautiful website wasn’t gaining the traction and reader growth that it required, and we simply didn’t have the time among our other business commitments to find any more time above and beyond creating that daily content.

Any business that simply does what it does, with no investment of time into planning the future, will be left behind. We are making this decision now, to prevent that from happening.

(And we did discuss other options, such as shorter articles or only weekly content. But when it comes to online travel content, where some sites produce dozens of articles every day, we felt providing lower quality articles less often would mean killing the EveryDayDream brand and all the reasons you love us in the first place. After all, our site isn’t called EveryWeekMediocre!)

Back in December, when we began the plans that became EveryDayDream Holiday, we knew there were challenges with what we intended to do. But rather than spend months planning, we decided to jump right in. As we’ve gone along the way, your feedback and loyalty have energised us beyond measure to keep creating and contributing – we cannot thank you enough for reading, sharing, enjoying, and letting us know!

A big part of our sadness is knowing that this decision means dozens of you will have one less means of escapism every morning. But if you ever do feel stuck at work, or bored with your life, and in search of a dream holiday – you can always visit and re-start our journey. Through 70 articles, covering 3.5 months, we have travelled from Rome to Copenhagen via 6 continents.

Find the opportunity to toast marshmallow over lava, surf Australia’s Byron Bay, or complete a Monopoly Pub Crawl. Just never stop the daydreaming!

We hope to see you out there in the big wide world,

Jacob and Chris

That flag is the Union Jack, flown when the monarch is not in residence. When the Queen is at home here, the Royal Standard flies.

That flag is the Union Jack, flown when the monarch is not in residence.