Wondering what to do in Sydney? Why not get an amazing view of the fireworks by showing up early to secure your spot.

This amazing photo is licensed under Creative Commons, and is by Nigel Howe.

Sometimes you come across a photograph of someone’s travel that is so striking, the reaction you have to seeing it is simply;

have to go there.

We’re constantly inspired by the amazing photography that, each and every day, is being shared with the world.

We are fortunate, also, that a small but growing group of travel photographers are sharing their photographs with the world under Creative Commons licences.

Sharing with Creative Commons says; “here is my story – add it to yours and together we can be more than the sum of the parts”.

So, thankyou.

Our new travel photo attribution page is a small gesture towards saying a humble thankyou, and is also an encouragement to everyone – share your travel photography with the world, and you never know who you could inspire or where it could be featured.