Wordpress comments disappear when using the Facebook Social Plugin. Here is how to prevent WordPress comments disappearing.

We heart WordPress.

This post is a quick shout-out to two sites who helped us solve an issue with our WordPress site.

We recently added the Facebook Social Plugin – to allow our readers to better share our travel content to the people they know who also find travel as inspiring as we do.

However, it seemed that the Facebook sharing plugin removes WordPress comments when it is enabled. This wasn’t ideal, so we went searching for some WordPress help.

We found the answers in these two posts, and wanted to publicly say thanks for helping us with our WordPress and Facebook problems!


The granddaddy of tutorials, both WordPress and otherwise, we were really happy to find this post.

It took a long time to track down something which solved out specific issue in this case, which was that the Facebook WordPress plugin removes WordPress comments by default.

We didn’t want to get dirty playing around in the plugin files, so this post by TutsPlus provided another option – with a little bit of modification to the WordPress theme, we could include both Facebook and WordPress comments together in the same post. That way our readers have the choice of with which option to post a comment – and we love hearing from our readers.

Thanks, TutsPlus!



There were some great pointers in this article that helped us to place and format Facebook comments along with our WordPress comments. Thanks!