When we launched Every Daydream last week, we knew that one of our advantages was the creation of awesome content. We weren’t aiming to be a one-stop-travel-shop, but rather to offer everyone the opportunity to experience new destinations, even if only for ten minutes a day.

We also wanted that content to be accessible. On our website, our daily destinations are available for everyone. To thank you for signing up, we send out our daily destination in a free email for you to read at your leisure (you’ve told us that “commuting on the train” and “during my coffee break” are your two favourite times so far). And we promote these through various social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

There’s a fair amount of work that goes into every daydream (see what I did there?), so we’re always looking at ways of linking these services. Today I’m playing with connecting our website (which is built in WordPress) to our emails (which are built using MailChimp). There are a few plugins that offer to help – unfortunately, one of these (ChimpExpress) is no longer supported, so we’re currently trialling AutoChimp and WordChimp. [UPDATE: These both work, but neither save us time in creating the image and text heavy email experience we want to be famous for.]

What does this mean for you, our dear reader? Hopefully, you won’t even notice! It’s possible that, over time, our newsletter layout will evolve, and we expect it to do that anyway as we collect more feedback from you. Importantly, everything we do to create time in our processes means we have more time to seek out and share the amazing holiday locations you signed up to read about.

And as always, if you want to share your experience or thoughts then let us know – you can comment on our site, or reply to any of our emails.

Founder Jacob Aldridge, in front of the Gulfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Founder Jacob Aldridge, in front of the Gulfoss Waterfall, Iceland